I looked at a house today that has a serious flood insurance issue.  The garage was converted into a very nice room with ceramic tile, paneling, crown molding, just beautiful.  Since the floor is below the base flood elevation, the flood insurance policy increased over 400%!  This is not an isolated case.  I see this same situation repeatedly.  Please, please, contact your flood insurance provider before beginning any construction or renovation project in a flood zone.  Discuss the improvements you are planning and find out the impact they will have on you policy.
This is my favorite time of year.  A time when we can slow down long enough to appreciate our blessings and enjoy the most important things in our lives.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


    J. Craig Brewer is licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in the states of Georgia and South Carolina.  Craig has over fifteen years of experience as a land surveyor. His areas of focus include Commercial and Residential Land Surveys, Topographic and As-Built Base Map creation, Construction and Industrial surveys, and ALTA-ACSM Land Title Surveys.  Craig also write product reviews for Professional Surveyor Magazine.


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